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Although our writers Lady Lolita, Miss Pollyanna and The Duchess are doing a pretty good job of entertaining and informing the world on what it is to be a woman today…we can’t cover every subject. Which is where you come in.

We are looking for your unique story and views on the world! Those rare topics that women want to read about but that The Glass House has not yet covered, written by women that are not afraid to say it how it is. We are happy to provide Pen Names for you, or to accept submissions from current bloggers with links to their sites.

If you are interested in being a new Lodger at The Glass House, please agree to the terms below and send your 500-1,000 word article to

– Please paste your submission directly to the body of the email, with single spacing and no double space after full stops.
– We are looking for engaging, humorous and well-written pieces. The more intriguing or shocking the topic, the better!
– All entries must be unique content and not been published previously in print or on-line.
– We like a touch of controversy but will NOT accept articles that are anti-gay, contain racism or sexism, derogatory personal comments about individuals or celebrities, topics of religion or anything that doesn’t support women as a whole.
– Due to the amount of submissions we receive we will respond within a week to those that interest us. If you do not hear from us in that time frame then please feel free to submit your writing elsewhere.

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