An Introduction to Pranic Healing

Posted on June 28, 2016

The Complementary Therapy that’s got the World Buzzing

I am not like Miss Pollyanna. Most of my life revolves around analytical decisions and reasoned scientific research. I will always travel from A to C via B. I suffer from Anxiety, so I prefer my life to be structured and controlled. All my decisions are made with reasoning and logic.

It took me a long time for my lovely friend to explain the ‘logic’ of LOA (The Law of Attraction) to me, and a few ‘experiments’ for her to show me how it works in real life.

So when I was introduced to the idea of Pranic Healing, my immediate reaction was “show me the science behind it, and you might get my attention, otherwise, I don’t believe in hippy dippy clap trap”.

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My life is busy crazy busy. Manic. Controlled Chaos. Most of the time I would say that I simply don’t have the time to waste looking into so-called ‘alternative therapies’, and most who know me understand that. For example, in my mind, a Reike session is just half an hour out of my already jam packed day laying face down with some hippy looking woman chatting as she waves her hands over me. Naive maybe – but that is just what my mind sees. That hour could be spent drinking coffee and finishing off that book review, or editing a guest writer’s article. That hour would be better spent playing with my children if indeed it was ‘free time’. Unless you can prove it is ‘worth’ it, I simply won’t risk it.

But this isn’t Reike, it is entirely different and I was assured it would most certainly be worth my time.

I am The Duchess. I am the one, in this house at least, who sits in the middle of the arguments and can see both sides, but always has the last word that is is generally uttered after reasoned arguments, evidence or research.

If you want wild accusations, passionate debate and controversial conversations, Lady Lolita is your girl. Miss Pollyanna has the spiritual, life-loving, positive mental attitude soap box to stand on. Me, I have logic, reason and sound understanding.

So why am I even looking into Pranic Healing? I honestly asked myself that question a few times too. But the truth of the matter is this – if someone can convince me that it is worth looking into – then they really must have a skill of some description.

So I put it to the test. I met with and interviewed the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar’s most senior Pranic Healing instructor, Les Flitcroft. Les was himself trained by Grand Master Choa, so if anyone was going to talk to me about specifics, it would be him.

You can read my interview with him here next week and trust me, it is eye-opening.

But this article is less about Les personally, and more about Pranic Healing in general. What it is, why it is gaining traction as a complimentary therapy and why you, yes even you should look into it.

My mission in this article is to break it down to the bare bones. To really spell it out in clear English as much as possible. Because the fact is that most of us are only scared of learning new things because we don’t understand them. So if we understood this latest self-healing therapy, could it actually change our lives for the better?

I am not on a mission to ‘sell‘ Pranic Healing to you. Simply to put the facts on paper and from there you can make your own decision, because (and you can read this over in the interview with Les himself) that is one of the fundamental messages of Pranic Healing. A true healer strives to give others all the tools they will need to see for themselves that this is a viable therapy. They aim to gift you with all the facts you need and have you make up your own mind.

So here goes.

What does Pranic Healing Mean?
The word Prana is actually the Sanskrit word for life-force or energy. So essentially, Pranic Healing is the healing of energy. The healing of life-force.

Where does Pranic Healing Come From?
Pranic Healing was developed by Grand Master Choa. Master Choa not only conceived the techniques designed to cleanse and energise the body, he also originated new terms and teaching techniques to thoroughly clarify the concepts he devised. For 20 years, Master Choa traveled and instructed students in over 60 countries across 6 continents, published 25 books in 30 languages and established 100 Pranic Healing centres before his death in 2007. 

How does Pranic Healing Work?
Essentially, when you break down all the complicated words and long-winded explanations, Pranic healing is a tested system of ‘energy medicine’. It is a form of non-touch healing that was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui which uses the movement of energy to help the body essentially heal itself. (Although this is a very simplified answer, there are many more technical and scientific reasons why it works, but we can go into greater depth about that in a future article.)

Isn’t that the same as Reiki?
No, not at all. Firstly, Reiki is (traditionally) a hands-on therapy, although many Reiki healers now prefer to work with their hands a few inches away from the body. Pranic Healing is a purely non-touch healing method.
Where Reiki recognises and works with seven chakras, Pranic Healing works with eleven.

There is also one fundamental difference that even Les himself was keen to highlight. Pranic Healing is rooted in science. Being a former Aerospace engineer, Les himself admits to being analytical and logical in his approach to life. His career was rooted in science, and so Pranic Healing had to make sense from a scientific point of view. Reiki however is based more in faith and spirituality.

How exactly does it work?
The healer will work with the chakras that surround your body. Having ‘scanned’ you to see where issues lie, he or she will then cleanse the ‘negative energy’ that is blocking the chakras. Allowing positive energy to flow once more into the body and rejuvenate, revitalise and sometimes ‘heal’ areas of the body that are struggling.
For example. If you have a lower back issue. The chakras at the bottom on your spine will show a blockage. Having removed the ‘blockage’ of negative energy, positive energy from your surroundings can now be absorbed and create the necessary chemical reactions that are needed to ‘fix’ the problem and dispel pain.
Sounds a bit wishy washy, doesn’t it? But bare with me.

Think about it for a second. Every plant needs three things to thrive. Water, Air and Sun. If a plant is lacking in one of these areas, the plant will not survive. It draws its nutrients from the chemical reactions resulting in the combination of these three components. If you forget to water the plant and the soil dries up, but it is still getting sun and air, will the plant thrive? No. Because it is not able to create the chemical reactions if it does not have water to sustain itself. The plant withers in pain.

However, if you manage to catch it in time, and water the plant, you will see it come back to life.


This is how I see Pranic healing. Something in my body is blocked. Something is not getting the energy from my surroundings because it is being blocked. Take the blockage away and feed me with that energy again and my body can complete the reactions it needs in order to thrive.

You are essentially giving your body the tools to be able to self-repair. But you can’t do that if you have blocked yourself with so much negative energy over the years, and that is where Pranic Healing comes in to play.

A healer will study your chakras. See the blockages and shift the energy. Taking away the negative energy and shifting the rest to where is ‘should’ be. Then the rest is up to you.

In order to keep the blockages from building up again, you need to train your mind to be more receptive to positive energy and less receptive to negative.

That, I feel, is the main difference between Pranic and Reiki. Reiki requires that you visit a healer repeatedly. Pranic Healing teachers will teach you to shift your mindset to allow yourself to heal your own blockages.

How could this benefit you?
Ok – so this is one of the main reasons I was interested in learning about Pranic Healing. Let’s face it, not many people will want to ‘learn’ a skill like this unless they can either
a) apply it to their own lives or
b) plan to teach or make a career out of it.
Because let’s just be real for a second. Most of us have busy lives and what is the point in taking a course if we can’t do something with it?

You can of course just go and see a healer. You can sign up for a series of sessions and feel better almost instantly.

But what if you could do that forever? For yourself and for others? What if you could take away the pain of a headache from your partner, or help those anxiety issues your teenager is suffering with? What if there was a Pranic Healer in every household; one person who was able to help everyone in the family.

This article is meant as a small taster of what Pranic Healing is. But it is also so much more than what I have explained here. Over the coming weeks I will be delving a little deeper into the workings of this complimentary therapy. I will look at how Pranic Healing can help heal the wounds in your relationships, how it can help shift the financial worries you have, how it can help heal anxiety issues.

As a bonus, I will let you in on all the telling secrets revealed to me by healer, Les Flitcroft in an exclusive interview.

So if this has whet your appetite to learn more, keep your eyes peeled. Because even I, someone who was cynical about this latest trend, am now on a crusade to show just how much this therapy may actually help the masses.

Could this complementary therapy change the way we look at ‘self-healing’ forever? I truly think it might.

For more information about Pranic Healing or to sign up for a course, you can visit

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